Hiking in Northern BC. Hiking Northwest British Columbia, Yellowhead Hwy #16

Hiking in Northwest BC, Canada

Hiking in Northern BC
The Northwest - Yellowhead Hwy #16

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    The Northwest - Yellowhead Highway #16 encompasses one third of British Columbia, it covers from Tete Jaune Cache in the east, the Queen Charlotte Islands in the west and borders the Yukon in the North. Winters are cold and summers are hot in this region, on reaching the west coast you will come across rain forests, where the climate is milder and wetter. The Coast, Skeena, Cassiar and Omineca mountain ranges dominate the north section, while the St. Elias Range takes up the far northwest portion of this region and BC.

    The aboriginal peoples have lived here for centuries and their culture appears through the north west. The first Europeans to settle here were the fur traders, next came the gold seekers and finally the men and women who helped build the railway. All made their mark on this land and the pioneer spirit prevails. It's a land of plenty where adventures can be found around every corner.

    Raven Lake-Grizzly Den: Raven Lake-Grizzly Den Recreation Area, 90 km (56 mi.) east of Prince George is reserved for hikers and cross-country skiers. Access to both areas is from the Hungary Creek Forest Road. The main system consists of approximately 15 km (9 mi.) of trails with two public cabins. The honour system means you must leave the cabins as tidy as you found them.

    Mount Pope:

    A four hour hike to the top of Mount Pope northwest of Fort St. James, will take you to the highest point in this area. You'll truly enjoy the great views of Takla Lake, the Nation Lakes and Babine Lake. This is an easy family day hike.

    Babine Mountains:

    The Babine Mountains Recreational Area, east of Smithers, off the Yellowhead Highway provided excellent hiking areas. Other places to hike in Smithers and the Bulkley Valley are Driftwood Canyon, Twin Falls, Silver King Basin and Harvey Mountain.

    Kitimat Area:

    From the city of Kitimat, in the Douglas Channel, you will enjoy some very challenging hikes, such as the hike to the summit of Mount Elizabeth, the Bish Creek Trail, or Hirsch Creek Falls and Canyon. For complete trail information, and weather conditions visit the Kitimat Info Centre. The mountains that surround Terrace are packed with hiking trails and some very splendid scenery. The area in and around Prince Rupert offer a couple of pleasant short hikes that range from two to three hours in length and give you a good feel about the rain forests, the First Nations culture and a good look at the harbour.

    Naikoon Provincial Park:

    Located on Graham Island in the Queen Charlottes is Naikoon Provincial Park, with a 94 km (58 mi.) sandy shoreline that is constantly bombarded by the waters of Hecate Strait. This is a designated ecological reserve, so camping, fishing of the use of any motorized vehicles are prohibited, do not disturb nature. Drive north from Skidgate on Highway 16 to the parking lot at Agate Beach Campground, from here you can do day hiking trips, or even hike the full 94 km (58 mi) East Beach from Tlell to the tip of Rose Spit. This can take anywhere from four to six days to complete, be prepared for rain and harsh winds.

    Mount Edziza Provincial Park:

    Now for some very interest back country hiking in Northern BC. Both stamina and experience are necessary to hike in the Mount Edziza Provincial Park and Recreation Area. This is wilderness at its finest and some 340 km (210 mi.) north of Prince Rupert. Take Highway 37 north to Dease Lake and then drive another 118 km (71 mi.) southwest to Telegraph Creek, a starting point for both horse packers and hikers. If possible, come in by float plane to one of the five lakes in the park and then hike out. Mount Edziza which erupted over four million years ago, spread lave through out the region. Later in years, small eruptions formed approximately 30 cones, still so young that erosion has not changed them nor do they support any type of vegetation. In the south is the Spectrum mountain range. This is unbelieve country, wild and beautiful, man has not had time to pollute or change it. There are no marked trails, compasses and maps are your guides. Weather changes suddenly here, rain gear and warm clothing are needed. Grizzly and black bears roam freely at Edziza, always be on the lookout. One can not stress too much that this is wilderness hiking, you must be experienced, self reliant and be tough. To hike across the park will take from 8 to 11 days and is best trekked between the months of July and September.

    Spatsizi Park:

    Spatsizi Park which includes the Gladys lake Ecological Reserve is what a wilderness park is all about. Venturing into the park means minimum-impact camping and travel. Hiking Spatsizi is only for extremely well planned and organized trips or with professional guides. In order to dismiss some of the hardships, flying in by float plane to Cold Fish Lake is a good opinion, or you can hike in starting from Iskut on the Stewart Cassiar Highway. From your base camp at Cold Fish Lake there are a number of trails and routes exploring the wilderness hiking on the plateau and alpine meadows. Bring your binoculars, as the area is abundant with animals and birds. Like all remote wilderness hiking, be ready for all types of weather, watch for bears, and help preserve the environment. Be safe, have fun!

    Chilkoot Trail:

    One of B.C.'s popular and legendary hikes, the Chilkoot Trail, is located in this area. This trail dates back to 1898, when the Klondike gold rush was at it's peak. This 53 km (33 mi) trail is a gruelling up hill climb and a definite challenge to the brave at heart.

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    Hiking in Northern BC. Hiking Northwest British Columbia, Yellowhead Hwy #16