Hiking in Kamloops Thompson Nicola, British Columbia. Kamloops Thompson Nicola Hiking

Hiking in Kamloops, Thompson Nicola BC, Canada

Hiking Kamloops Thompson Nicola

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    The Thompson Nicola Region in the British Columbia Interior, stretches from the town of Lytton in the south, taking in the Nicola Valley region, the city of Kamloops, the ever popular Shuswap area and east towards Revelstoke and the mountains. As you head in a north easterly direction the region encompasses the North Thompson Valley, Wells Gray Provincial Park, and continues to Mount Robson Park and the Alberta border. This popular region of BC has history, cattle and ranching, forests and the lumber industry, houseboating and water sports. The climate ranges from arid, hot and dry in the south to hot summers and cold, snowy winters in the eastern and northern sections. This part of BC is known for its many lakes and excellent fishing. Things to see and do never stop. The many adventures are yours to enjoy, there's rafting and kayaking, skiing, rodeos and stampedes, cattle drives, gold panning and back country camping and hiking.

    Zoa Peak: Located between Hope and Merritt, are huge granite slabs that are part of the Zopkios Ridge. From Hope take Highway 5, the Coquihalla, till you reach the Zopkios Rest Area where you have a great view of the ridge. For a much better view take the hiking trail to Zoa Peak, an excellent day trip. There are other hiking trails in the area, but be very careful, terrain and weather can change quickly, so don't take on more than you can handle.

    Adams River:

    In and around the Adams River are very pleasant and easy hiking trails that the whole family will enjoy. There are 18 km (11 mi.) of winding forest trails along both sides of the Adams River. Seeing black bears, mink, otters, eagles and other waterfowl is a great possibility on this hike. If visiting here in mid-October, you should watch the salmon spawning in Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, near Chase.

    Mount Revelstoke National Park:

    Mount Revelstoke National Park with Revelstoke located at the western entrance has more than 65 (40 mi.) of hiking trails, where back country hikers, naturalists and cross country skiers enjoy what nature has provided. The 26 km (16 mi.) road that leads to the park's western entrance is open only from mid-July to mid-October and takes you to the summit. The mountain scenery here is awesome and the alpine meadows only add to the whole spectrum. There are a number of hiking trails in the park, but one of the better known and easier is the Giant Cedars Trail, where a boardwalk takes you into a cedar and hemlock forest that dates back a thousand years.

    Glacier National Park:

    More than 400 glaciers help make up Glacier National Park, located between Revelstoke and Golden on the Trans Canada Highway, where there's a network of fine hiking trails. Just east of Rogers Pass, you will find a trail that leads to Mount Tupper and the Rogers peaks, others lead to Connaught and Cougar Creeks and to Cougar Valley, still other trails take you to the glaciers of Illecillewaet and Asulkan.

    This is mountain country, beware of rapidly changing weather conditions and the difficult terrain. Be safe, have fun!

    Wells Gray Provincial Park:

    One of B.C.'s best hiking areas is Wells Gray Provincial Park, located just north of Clearwater on the Yellowhead Highway. Wells Gray, is known as one of North America's finest wilderness parks offering superb views of mountains, valleys, rivers, lake and waterfalls. Lava beds and rocks are just another plus for your hiking enjoyment.

    Valley of a Thousand Falls:

    Located on the west side of Mount Robson, is the Valley of a Thousand Falls, where you can hike and view the largest concentration of waterfalls in Canada. This is backpacking country with a few good campsites that help you make the most of the scenery in this valley. The most note worthy waterfalls are White Falls, Falls of the Pool and Emperor Falls, all are on the Robson River. This hike can be in cooperated with the Berg Lake Trail. Your back country trek starts at the Mount Robson Information Centre, where camp site fees can be paid and you can gather the very latest hiking conditions and weather forecasts. This is bear country, store food accordingly and be prepared whatever the terrain and climate might dish out.

    Berg Glacier:

    For some honest to goodness strenuous and advanced back country hiking, the excursion to Berg Glacier will definitely give you this high. Once you have reached Berg Lake Campground, make it your home base and explore the many trails in and around Berg Glacier and the north side of Mount Robson. If you're up to it, continue hiking to Moose Lake on the Yellowhead Highway. Hiking from start to finish will take from seven to ten days and is a definite challenge.

    Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Heritage Park:

    The Thompson Nicola Region has many other hiking trails, from easy day hikes to extreme lengthy treks. A very interest and lengthy hike is the Stein Valley Trail, located out of Lytton in the Fraser River Canyon. No matter where your hiking abilities take you, always be well prepared and keep safety at the forefront. Be safe, have fun!

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    Hiking in Kamloops Thompson Nicola, British Columbia. Kamloops Thompson Nicola Hiking