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A Guide to the Freshwater Food Sources
of BC's Game Fish

This on-line primer contains information that every fly fisherman can find useful.

Ron Newman's Insect Profiles will introdcue you to caddisflies, chironomids, damselflies, dragonflies, mayflies, stoneflies, leeches, shrimp and waterboatmen. Illustrations and detailed descriptions provide insight into every aspect of their lifecycles. You'll learn to recognize them on the water. And, we'll suggest some strategies for using this knowledge to catch more fish.

And, be sure to visit the BC Fly Patterns section to view color photos of the fly patterns that BC fly fishermen use to represent each insect.

The wealth of information contained in the Entomology and BC Fly Patterns sections is sure to help you to become a better angler and gain even more enjoyment from your next BC fishing trip.

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Fly Fishing - Entomology